{Morgan on Ice: Ted Staunton}

{Morgan on Ice: Ted Staunton}

{Synopsis} – Morgan doesn't like to skate, and he's determined not to learn. What he really wants to do is go to see Monster Truck-A-Rama with Charlie. Aldeen is not impressed since Morgan already agreed to go to Princesses on Ice with her. Can Morgan keep everyone happy, or is he skating on thin ice?

Morgan is at his loveable best in this wry, humourous, true-to-life story.

{My thoughts} – This book is a beginner chapter book. It is geared towards second-fourth graders. It’s got a few black and white illustrations but not many.

This book is about learning to accept one another even though sometimes it might not be easy. Aldeen appears to be the third grade bully and has little to no friends. Morgan appears to be the only boy in the school that isn’t afraid to go near her. However, they are two very different individuals. She is a bully and bossy and he wants to be left alone so he can do boy things as opposed to being stuck doing the girl things with her. In the end they end up doing some boy things and neither of them enjoyed themselves. They pick up right where the book was leading to them all out in the skating rink getting along with one another.

It would be nice if this is how most situations with children worked out, however that isn’t always the case. This is a good book for children being bullied to read and children that have become bullies. It shows that things can change and they can get better as long as you are able to find something common with one another that can bring you together as friends as opposed to enemies.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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