{Santa’s Cookie Elf: Richard Thomas Parrette Jr}

{Santa’s Cookie Elf: Richard Thomas Parrette Jr}

{Synopsis} – Christmas is a magical time of the year. Santa’s toy factory builds a lot of toys for children all over the world. His flying reindeer help him deliver all those toys in one night and at every house the kids leave Santa their favorite cookies. Wow! That has to be millions and millions of cookies. Now if elves help build the toys, and flying reindeer get Santa to every house in one night, ever wonder if someone helps him eat all those cookies?

{My thoughts} – The illustrations in this book are spot on for the words between it pages. It is just beautiful. This book is Christmas themed and it is a theory on how the cookies left on plates with milk are eaten on Christmas Eve. I have to admit it is an interesting concept, however we all know Santa always has helpers everywhere. Some of the words are a bit complex for younger kids and the older kids that would understand them probably would have zero interest in reading such a young children’s book.

Final Conclusion: 4 Star Rating.


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