{Baby Julia Feeds the Moon: Jason Sandberg}

{Baby Julia Feeds the Moon: Jason Sandberg}

{Synopsis} – In a small house, on a small hill, there lives a small baby with a big heart. Her name is Julia and when she discovers that the moon is hungry she's determined to help! This lovingly crafted bedtime story is filled with twinkling stars and pixie wings. Baby Julia Feeds the Moon will bring your child smiles and sweet dreams!

{My thoughts} – I loved this book. It is a cute little story about a baby that has a wonderful imagination when she is unable to sleep. The story and the illustrations blend together so nicely.

Baby Julia is having trouble sleeping because she hears the moon crying. She makes it her mission to feed the hungry moon and then wakes back up in her crib. I really enjoyed this book as did my children. I always read them the children’s books I get so that we have some mom and children bonding time. I would read a few pages and ask them to guess what was going to happen. My oldest guessed she was going to feed the moon with a bottle the others were saying she would make it rain and the clouds would magically feed the moon. All so cute and adorable.

If you enjoy short little bedtime stories for your children this is a great short read for them and I am sure they will enjoy it just like my children had.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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