{Porcupette Finds a Family: Vanita Oelschlager}

{Porcupette Finds a Family:  Vanita Oelschlager}

{Synopsis} – Porcupette Finds a Family, is a story about how a baby porcupine (called a porcupette) finds a new family after losing his mother. He wants to have an attachment to the bear family he finds, but is afraid his “bear” mother and “bear” brother and sister will leave him too. This causes him to act out his fears in
ways that jeopardize acceptance from his adopted family. However, with the understanding and help of Mother Bear, Porcupette finally accepts that he is truly loved and wanted despite, or maybe because of, his differences.

{My thoughts} – This is a cute little book about a baby porcupine called Porcupette. Porcupette is afraid that no one loves him because his real mommy went away one day and never came back. When that happened he went out in search of food and found a mother bear and her cubs. He squeezed in and started eating with the cubs and soon the mother bear adopted him as her own.

This book helps to show children that have been adopted that it is okay to be different. It is okay to have a different family love you other then the one you were born into and it is okay if you make mistakes because your adopted family will still love you.

I think this is a good book for any young child to read that has been adopted or is curious about adoption. It doesn’t go into all the specifics but it does show that you can be loved by another family and sometimes that’s all children need to know. They need to know it is okay to be loved by someone else and to love them in return.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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