{Daisy’s Big Night: Sandra V. Feder}

{Daisy’s Big Night: Sandra V. Feder}

{Synopsis} – Daisy has always loved making lists of her favorite words. When her neighbor invites her to a poetry party, Daisy learns many new wondrous things she can do with the words she's collected. But can she create something truly special for the Student Showcase night?

Daisy's Big Night is the third book in the Daisy series. With its fresh, fun characters and engaging, believable stories, the Daisy series introduces children to the satisfaction of independent reading and the joy of playing with language.

{My thoughts} – This book is about a little girl named Daisy that loves words. She isn’t the kind of child that is obsessed with spelling or reading but she does love words. She makes word lists and categorizes words into those lists as she goes as a way to keep track of all the words that she enjoys.

A neighbor of hers invites her to a a grown up poetry party and that is where she discovers how she can put her love of words to verse. She learned different kinds of poems and how to make/ write them. She learned that even some of her word lists were already close to poetry.

This book is a wonderful book for any child that enjoys words, loves poetry and just wants a sweet little story to read. It will make a wonderful addition on any child’s bookshelf.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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