{Be Patient, Pandora!: Joan Holub}

{Be Patient, Pandora!: Joan Holub}

{Synopsis} – When Pandora is warned by her mother not to open a box, her spirited curiosity trumps her obedience. Pandora harmlessly touches the box, innocently leans on the box, and eventually, albeit accidentally, bursts the box open! The cupcakes that were hidden inside are ruined, except for one last vestige, which Pandora presents in the hope that her mother still loves her. Leslie Patricelli’s depictions of this physical comedy bring a lively narrative to Joan Holub’s carefully crafted text. Includes a summary of the original Pandora’s Box myth at the end.

{My thoughts} – Mythology, it’s some of the greatest stories out there. This book is about Pandora and well Pandora’s box. It is a nice fast and easy to follow simplified version of the well known myth. Pandora is this sweet little girl that sees a box. She wants to know what is in the box so she of course messes around with it. All of the sudden everything comes flying out of the box and she is left with the feeling of hope. Hope that her mommy still loves her and isn’t made about what she did.

On the back page is a small summarized more in depth version of the myth. It’s really nice to be able to read through it and see how the book and the actual myth go together so nicely.

This book is well written and the illustration go along so nicely with the story. I really like how the author and the writer worked together to make such a wonderful story for children to enjoy for years to come. This is must have book for any parent that loves Mythology and would like to be able to share their love of it with their children beginning at a young age.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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