{Persephone the Phony: Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams}

{Persephone the Phony:   Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams}

{Synopsis} – In Persephone the Phony, Persephone develops a crush on bad-boy Hades. Her mom (Ceres) and friends don't approve, and Persephone finds herself sneaking around to see him. Hades convinces her to tell the truth, and it's revealed that he isn't all that bad, just misunderstood!8

{My thoughts} – Persephone is one of Athena’s closest friends. However, she isn’t as un-masked around Athena and the other girls as she is around a Godboy named Hades. Persephone seems to like that she can be her own dreary, emo like self when she is around Hades, and she doesn’t have that option around her other friends. The reason for that is because her mother is always telling her to go along with others and what they want so that she has an easier means of getting along with them. That doesn’t always work out for Persephone though because she ends up being really sad and unhappy afterwards in most cases.

I enjoyed this book a lot, it helps to show children that they have a right to their own individuality. That they shouldn’t let others just push them around, because they are afraid to speak their minds about how it is that they feel. Persephone is a smart girl and she has many interest, but none of them are the same as her friends and because her mom tells her to go along to get along they really don’t know who she is and it isn’t fair to her or them, however, they don’t know it isn’t fair.

I really enjoyed reading about her coming out of her shell more and letting others she her personality and get to know her for her. And well, not the girl she had pretended to be because her mother had told her to. This is a wonderful book and I think it is ideal for children that are shy and haven’t quite figured out how to show others what they want or how they feel.

I look forward to reading more in this series in the near future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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