{What a Treasure: Jane Hillenbrand & Will Hillenbrand}

{What a Treasure: Jane Hillenbrand & Will Hillenbrand}

{Synopsis} – Mole is digging. He is looking for treasure. Mole's brother does not think there is any treasure to find. But Mole is sure that he will turn up something. Sure enough, treasures of many kinds fill this endearing picture book for curious young readers.

{My thoughts} – A small mole gets a shovel as a gift. He decides to use the shovel to dig for treasure. Soon Mole finds another mole while he is digging holes. The new mole and him soon become friends. The new friend becomes his best found treasure.

I love this book. The illustrations go hand and hand nicely with the book. The story is nicely written. I love how he is digging and digging and finally after finding many different things he finds a new friend. It’s always enlightening to read stories about friendships. Friendships are an every day occurrence in children’s lives and children can use all the help they can get in understanding the basics of how to make a new friend.

I think this book is ideal for children just starting Daycare, Pre-School and or Kindergarten. It helps to show children it isn’t as hard as they think it may be to make a new friend and when a child is starting at a new school or in a new grade that helps to ease some of the nervous tension that they may be experiencing.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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