{Follow That Clue!: Nan Walker}

{Follow That Clue!: Nan Walker}

{Synopsis} – With his mom away, Ravi's birthday is shaping up to be a total bust…until a mysterious bunch of clues sends him all over town on an exciting birthday hunt!

{My thoughts} – This is a story about a little boy named Ravi. It is Ravi’s birthday and he is really sad. It turns out that his mom is out of town and she is the one that helps to make his birthdays extra special. This year, however, he is stuck home with dad who isn’t as fun as mom on birthdays. Ravi doesn’t think that his dad will be able to make his birthday as special as his mom could be able to.

When Ravi gets home from school he finds an envelope. Inside is a clue to a clue hunt that was designed just for Ravi. This clue hunt sends him all over town. While he is following all the clues, he is also able to teach the children reading the book about the police, the library, the fire station, the school nurse, an ambulance, and then what it’s like for him to be back home. At home Ravi gets the biggest surprise of all, his mom is back home.

The best thing about this book is that Ravi’s dad had set the whole thing up. He helped to make Ravi’s birthday extra special even though his mom wasn’t going to be there. However, it turned out his mom was there, and it was a great ending to a wonderful clue hunt for Ravi.

This book is nicely illustrated, each illustration goes hand and hand with the story within the pages. Aside from that, it is also a good introduction learning tool for children about the community in which they live. I Really enjoyed reading this with my son.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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