{Fuzzy Buzzy’s Treasure: Misty Baker}

{Fuzzy Buzzy’s Treasure: Misty Baker}

{Synopsis} – Fuzzy Buzzy finds a real treasure one day-an undiscovered field of wildflowers! It’s the first time she’s ever found anything by herself, and she wants to keep it that way.

Unfortunately for the flowers, they need the help of Fuzzy’s whole family, or there won’t be any new flowers next spring.

Will Fuzzy Buzzy learn to share her treasure before it’s too late?

{My thoughts} – Fuzzy Buzzy is a bumble bee. One day she goes out looking for honey and pollen and comes upon a treasure trove of flowers. She doesn’t want all the others that she lives with to know where her special flowers are so she wakes up early two days in a row to tend to them, but eventually discovers that it’s too much work for her to handle.

Once she comes to the realization that she needs help, she shares the location of the flowers with everyone and they help to save the flowers. Until that point it appeared that the flowers were probably going to die because they were dropping and not being pollinated when they needed to be.

This book is well written and has a great moral story within it’s pages. Every child knows what it is like to have a special area where they like to go to hide out and do their own thing. Where they like to be alone and to be able to work out things. In the case of this book it shows that sometimes having your own special area isn’t always good and that sometimes the best thing you can do is work together and share. If Fuzzy Buzzy wouldn’t have decided to work with everyone else and share her special area, the flowers may not have lived, but since she did it was a win win situation.

So often children don’t want to share things with others, they want to keep it to themselves. Children don’t always want to work together to achieve a common goal either, sometimes they just want to do things on their own. It isn’t always the most effective or wisest decision to do things on their own though and it is good for children to learn that working together and sharing is important. It shows a lot can be done in a little bit of time and that everyone has the ability to get along with one another.

I do however think that this book may be a bit much for a younger audience to sit through, but it also depends on whether or not a younger audience enjoys being read to or not. Some children devour books whereas others simply have little to no interest in them.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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