{Best Friend Next Door: Carolyn Mackler}

{Best Friend Next Door: Carolyn Mackler}

{Synopsis} – Printz Honor and New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Mackler brings honesty and charm to this story of a friendship between two girls.

Meet Hannah. Her name is a palindrome. Her birthday is on New Year’s. She wishes she had a cat. She’s medium height and a little awkward. Her life has NOT been fun lately — her dad and stepmom are having a baby and, worst of all, her best friend next door just moved away. Now a new girl is here, taking over her best friend’s bedroom . . . and her own identity.

Meet Emme. Her name is a palindrome. Her birthday is on New Year’s. She loves her enormous orange cat. She’s so short that last week she was mistaken for a kindergartner. She’s found moving hard . . . but at least there’s the girl next door, Hannah. Maybe they’ll become friends?

While Hannah and Emme are alike in so many ways, they’re also different in some wrong ways, too. Is this the perfect friendship . . . or a recipe for disaster?

From award-winning writer Carolyn Mackler comes a funny, smart story about finding out who your best friends are, in good times and bad.

{My thoughts} – Hannah is a ten year-old girl that is forced to deal with a lot of change in her life at the same time. Her best friend next door named Sophie moves to Canada. Her step mom adopts her. Her parents tell her she’s going to be a big sister. A new little girl moves in next door in Sophie’s old house.

Hannah doesn’t know how to deal with everything in her life that is changing. It takes her awhile but she does eventually warm up to the new girl next door. It turns out that her and Emme, the new girl, have a lot in common.

Both girls wear the same shirt the day they meet, they both hate pizza, both love to swim, both share a birthday and have names that are palindromes.All of these things and more help them to become close and best friends.

This book is about their friendship mainly, but also about how they both at the young age of ten work through all the things they are going through. They work through everything with help from one another. They get along and are best friends most days, but they do have the occasional disagreement. They are the product of what a real friendship is suppose to be like. I think that many children can learn a lot from reading this book and I can’t wait to see what my daughter thinks about it in the near future. There are so many valuable lessons within the pages of this book, that I am certain any child that reads it will have a different take on some of the everyday issues that they deal with on a normal basis.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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