{Never Swim in Applesauce: Katherine Applegate}

{Synopsis} – Roscoe wants to be on his best behavior for a class trip to the apple orchard. But no matter how hard he tries, he still ends up in a very sticky situation!

{My thoughts} – Another tale from Roscoe Riley via the time out chair.

In this book his class went on a trip to an apple orchard. Roscoe really wanted to be a good boy on the trip. He’d borrowed his little sisters fortune telling ball so that he would know that it was suppose to be a good trip. The ball claimed he was going to have a great time. He was hoping the ball was right.

However, him and Wyatt end up doing some things that aren’t good and they both end up in trouble. The first thing they do is compete to see who can pick the biggest apple. The second is the end up jumping in the bin with the applesauce while it is being made. When Roscoe gets home he ends up in time out.

I highly recommend this book for any child that is having a difficult time engaging in the book world. It has a nice lesson about following the rules and it has humor, which makes for a nice read.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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