{What Is the Statue of Liberty?: Joan Holub}

{What Is the Statue of Liberty?: Joan Holub}

{Synopsis} – In 1876, France decided to give the United States a very big and very special present–the Statue of Liberty. The gift was to commemorate the 100th birthday of the United States, and just packing it was no small feat–350 pieces in 214 crates shipped across the ocean. The story of how the 111-foot-tall lady took her place in the New York Harbor will fascinate young readers.

{My thoughts} – Everyone knows that the Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from France. The purpose of the statue was to represent freedom, because to many other countries the United States did just that. It meant that those that were able to reach America had the chance to live freely.

This book covers many of the important events that had occurred from 1865-2009 that pertained to the Statue of Liberty. I didn’t know even a quarter of the information that I’d learned while reading this book. There is so much information on the one subject that branches into a few other subjects that it makes you want to jump up and do some research of your own.

I am pleased with how this book is written. It is easy to read, easy to follow and it doesn’t use any words that would be difficult to understand without giving a definition of that word afterwards. I found the illustrations to be well done but the thing I enjoyed most were the actual photos of the Statue as it was being built that had been enclosed within the pages.

The Statue of Liberty has always been an interest of mine and I am happy to have been able to learn more about it by reading this book. I hope to read more books in this series in the future.

I believe that any child that enjoys learning about history and the past will find it very easy to get lost in this book. It is well written, informative and even has illustrations to help you better understand the material in which you are reading.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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