{Vampire Brat: Angie Sage}Vampire Brat by Angie Sage
Series: Araminta Spookie
Published by Katherine Tegen Books on September 1, 2007
Genres: Childrens, Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 208
Format: Hardcover
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{Synopsis} – Araminta thinks something horrible is hiding in the deep, hidden passages of Spookie House–could it be a werewolf? Add to that the arrival of Uncle Drac’s creepy nephew, Max, and Araminta knows things will never be the same. Max is Wanda’s new best friend, and Araminta finds him annoying. She comes up with a plan to figure out what Max is up to–and also to capture the werewolf. But will it work?

{My thoughts} – Araminta’s cousin Max ends up coming to stay with them at the Spookie House. While he is there Araminta and Wanda both jump to conclusions about him being a vampire and they go on an adventure and follow him around in the middle of the night. They hope that they can catch him doing vampire like things and then trap him.

Aside from following him around and trying to trap him they also are trying to trap a werewolf that Araminta swears she has been seeing in the basement.

Wanda doesn’t seem really interested on this nightly quest with Araminta but she goes along with it or is more or less forced into going along with it. All is well that ends well though in the case of this story.

I really do enjoy these books, they are nice fast reads and I am certain any child that picks them up will learn to love them. The stories are entertaining and they go hand and hand with one another. You can either read them in order or separately because the new things learned are usually explained in the newer books. I look forward to starting the next book in the series.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.