{Sticks & Stones: Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle & Emily Jenkins}

{Sticks & Stones: Sarah Mlynowski, Lauren Myracle & Emily Jenkins}

{Synopsis} – Strange things are happening at Dunwiddle Magic School — and the Upside-Down Magic class is getting blamed!
Yes, Marigold did shrink Lacey Clench to the size of a gerbil. But that was an accident. And, yes, most people weren’t prepared for Nory to transform into a squippy (that’s half squid, half puppy) — but it’s not like Nory meant to mix up paws and tentacles. And while Bax does have the unfortunate magical condition of turning into a stone, he swears he has nothing to do with the rocky magic that’s been happening in Dunwiddle’s halls.

When things get messy, it’s easy to point your finger at the kids with the messiest magic. But the Upside-Down Magic students aren’t going to let themselves get in trouble. Instead, they’re going to find out what’s really going on — and get their school back on track before something really wacky happens.

{My thoughts} – This is a beautifully written sequel to Upside Down Magic. Nory and Bax are still attempting to find their rhythm with their upside down magic. They are both still in the Upside Down Magic class at Dunwiddle Magic School with the same classmates. However, this time they have tutors within the school to help them try to have a better grasp on their magic and why it keeps turning out so much more different then everyone else.

They are being tutored by the coach is is helping them to learn techniques that can help them stay centered while they are transformed into animals or rocks as the case me be. So, far things seem to be going well for them, however, there are a lot of odd things going on at the school in terms of magic and no one wants to admit whether or not they are behind it. The upside down magic class swears it isn’t them and the rest of the school swears it isn’t them.

It makes one wonder just who it might be that is causing all the trouble. Especially since there is a rift between the up side down magic class and a number of the other students. Some of the other students don’t want the up side down magic class to continue at the school and are trying to find ways to convince other students as well as the principal to side with them and do away with the class all together. Could those students be the blame for the strange occurrences? Or is is the upside down magic class and they are afraid to be called even more things because they can’t keep their magic in check?

If you’d like to know you’ll need to read the book. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. It is well written, has a lot of playful banter and silly catch phases within the pages. It is also rather entertaining to read the names of the animals that Nory seems to be able to transform into. I look forward to reading book three in this series in the near future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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