{Louie Takes the Stage: Rachel Hamilton}

{Synopsis} – Louie and his class are putting on their first big show! But everything is going wrong. Louie’s audition tricks don’t amuse anyone. His best friend gets cast in the wrong part. Louie even sets the stage on fire! But the show must go on. Can Louie save the day?

{My thoughts} – This book was as entertaining as the first in the series. Louie is thus sweet unicorn that dreams of being a star. Since he wants nothing more then to be a star he is attending a performing arts school in New York.

He isn’t the only unicorn attending the school. There is also Arnie. Arnie is a bigshot and whenever Louie goes to him for help or advice he is always disregarded or given really bad advice.

The really bad advice is what helps make these books entertaining. Louie usually does whatever Arnie suggests and it ends in an entertaining disaster.

I think that any child that has the desire to become more then they are, will enjoy. This book. I also like how it is written and that is has nicely added illustrations to go along with the story.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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