{Touch and Lift, Peek-a-Who?: Scholastic}

{Touch and Lift, Peek-a-Who?: Scholastic}

{Synopsis} – Join the animals in a fun game of peek-a-who! Young children will love interacting with this colourful and lively book that has peek-a-boo flaps and special touch and feel areas, guaranteed to keep young hands entertained.

{My thoughts} – This is another or the wonderful books released by Scholastic for babies and toddlers. It’s about a kitten that loses her family and wonders around trying to find them.

This particular book has touch and feel parts within the book to help and engage the reader. I really enjoy books like this because they are more hands on for small children and they help small children to learn and explore things in the world within the safety of their own homes.

I highly recommend these books for any parent looking to expand their child’s library.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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