{Restart: Gordon Korman}

{Restart: Gordon Korman}

{Synopsis} – Chase’s memory just went out the window.

Chase doesn’t remember falling off the roof. He doesn’t remember hitting his head. He doesn’t, in fact, remember anything. He wakes up in a hospital room and suddenly has to learn his whole life all over again . . . starting with his own name.

He knows he’s Chase. But who is Chase? When he gets back to school, he sees that different kids have very different reactions to his return.

Some kids treat him like a hero. Some kids are clearly afraid of him.

One girl in particular is so angry with him that she pours her frozen yogurt on his head the first chance she gets.

Pretty soon, it’s not only a question of who Chase is–it’s a question of who he was . . . and who he’s going to be.

From the #1 bestselling author of Swindle and Slacker, Restart is the spectacular story of a kid with a messy past who has to figure out what it means to get a clean start.

{My thoughts} – There have been many books written about bullying and the effects that it has on those that have been bullied. This book is a bit different. It is about a boy named Chase and his two friends Bear and Aaron and how their actions led to a student being transfered out of their school and sent to a boarding school. However, Chase had a fall over the summer and he doesn’t remember anyone or most things. It caused him to have amnesia and it gave him a second chance to change his ways. A chance to be good and to show that people can change.

I really enjoys this books. It is written through the perspective of most of the main characters and it is very much intriguing. The book pulled me into it’s story after the first chapter. I think that many children and adults alike can benefit from reading a book like this and I highly recommend it for that reason.

{Quotes I Enjoyed} –
{01} – “It’s the craziest feeling. I remember how to remember, but when I actually try to do it, I’m a blank. I’m like a computer with it’s hard drive wiped clean. You can reboot it and the operating system works fine. But when you look for a document or a file to open, nothings there. Not even my own name.”
{02} – “It’ pretty weird,” I admit. “Not remembering anybody. It’s like I’m surrounded by all these people, but I’m still all alone.”
{03} – Normal is the last word to describe a place where you’re a stranger in a strange land despite the fact that everybody knows you.
{04} – Love isn’t just blind, it’s also totally stupid.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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