{The Littlest Mummy: Brandi Dougherty}

{The Littlest Mummy: Brandi Dougherty}

{Synopsis} – From the New York Times bestselling author who brought us The Littlest Pilgrim comes a sweet new Halloween story filled with gentle spooky fun and one adorable little mummy friend!

Mae may be the littlest mummy in the Spooky Woods, but she has a big desire to dance with her family at the big Halloween bash! But Mae just can’t seem to moan, groan, and look scary, no matter how hard she shuffles and shouts. Will Mae be able to participate in the party, or is the littlest mummy just too little?

{My thoughts} – A sweet Halloween themed book about a little mummy that doesn’t feel good enough to join in her families traditional Halloween dance. The words within the pages match up nicely with the incredible illustrations.

Mae goes from family member to family member trying to get better at the dance. Eventually she gets frustrated and goes for a walk. While she’s out walking she meets a young witch that is also having similar problems.

The two become fast friends and do their own special thing at the Halloween party.

I recommend this book for any young child that feels lost and is just trying to find their place. Sometimes it’s easier to try and do the same thing that everyone else is doing, but more often then not its better if you do your own thing, because in the end it will help to make you much happier. And that’s what Mae had learned throughout the pages of the book.


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