{May and the Music Show: Cari Meister}

{May and the Music Show: Cari Meister}

{Synopsis} – Fairy Hill is a magic forest where fairies live, play, and have lots of sparkly adventures in this Level 1 reader series! Ruby, Luna, and May are best friends. These young fairies are all looking forward to earning their big wings from the Fairy Queen. But first they each have to do something extra kind or brave.
In this third book, Ruby, May, and Luna are performing in a fairy music show! It is their first show, and the girls are nervous. They practice together — and Luna gets ready for her big solo. But then, when it’s time to sing, Luna gets stage fright! Can May help her friend finish the concert? Will the Fairy Queen visit the fairies again?

{My thoughts} – This is a nice leveled reader about a couple of fairies that are going to be in a music show. There are four fairies and out of the four only one, May doesn’t have her wings. This story is about how she helps her friend Luna in her time of need and then receives her wings for her ability to help others and show compassion.

I think it’s a nice leveled reader. The illustrations match the story well. The story itself shows children that when you help others selflessly there is the possibility that in the end you can be rewarded.

I recommend this book because I think it’s a simple enough reader that with a little help any child will breeze through the pages. I also recommend it because of its ability to teach the reader a good lesson in morale.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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