{Beauty and the Beast: The Only One Who Didn’t Run Away: Wendy Mass}

{Synopsis} – Wendy Mass tells the story of Beauty and the Beast, as never heard before!

When you’re stuck with the name Beauty, people expect a lot from you — like beauty and grace and courage and a sense of style. But what if you have none of these things? What if all you like to do is read books and search for odd objects that other people drop? Oh, and you have a perfect older sister who really should have had your name instead of you.

And when you’re a prince, you’re supposed to be athletic and commanding and brave and tall. But what if you are none of those things? What if all you like to do is play the bagpipes (badly), study the stars, and try to figure out how to make worms live forever? Oh, and you also have a perfect older brother who is a lot more princely than you’ll ever be.

But when Beauty’s life turns completely upside down and she is forced to head out into the world, she has to figure out just who she wants to be. And when Prince Riley suddenly grows fur, and nails as sharp as sticks, he has to learn that appearances can be deceiving. Before Beauty and Riley can save each other, they have to save themselves.

So journey back to the time when fairy tales were real, and discover the story of Beauty and the Beast like you’ve never heard it before.

{My thoughts} – I am beginning to really love the ways in which this series of books is written. It allows you to have the perspective of both characters before, during and after their lives are merged together.

In this book we have Beauty a girl that isn’t well what one would actually define as beautiful, rather she is more plain and ordinary. And then you have the Beast. He is Prince Riley and he isn’t much of a looker either. However, the two of them do in deed fall for one another and in doing so come up with a plan in which they will attempt to over throw the witch that had cursed him and his family.

I really enjoyed reading this story as it was a eye opening kind of story. You get to meet many characters throughout the book and they come back in the end and it’s like that was that person type thing. The story is nicely woven together and it is in it’s own a brilliantly retold classic.

I recommend this book for any child that enjoys fairytales. I strongly believe that they will enjoy reading about Rapunzel and the Prince. It’s a well written retelling that doesn’t take much time at all to read through. I look forward to reading the rest of the series in the future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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