{Macarons at Midnight: Suzanne Nelson}

{Macarons at Midnight: Suzanne Nelson}

{Synopsis} – When Lise Santos stumbles into a bakery’s midnight taste test, she meets the boy of her dreams. He’s as sweet as the macarons they share, and Lise is totally smitten. She’s pretty sure he is, too—but they never get the chance to exchange names.
Lise has to find her mystery guy again, but when she does, he’s not anything like she expected. She’s determined to find out what he’s really like before she reveals who she is, and she enlists her friend Viv to help. But when Viv starts flirting with the boy Lise may or may not be falling for, things get complicated. Now Lise’s head and heart are in a jumble. Can she gather the courage to admit her true feelings…or is this a recipe for total disaster?

{My thoughts} – Lise is a typical girl that is having issues with being dropped in her father’s lap, while her mother is in another country for a couple of months. It’s really hard on her because her father has a whole other family and she doesn’t really feel like she belongs. Her step-sister is a year older then she is and treats her like dirt. She doesn’t have any friends and she clings to the one’s she had while she was living with her mother. She isn’t getting along well with either her father or her step-mother because she chooses to make the worst out of her situation for the most part.

When the book begins she is sent to a party with her step-sister. She leaves the party and ends up at a taste testing at a local bakery. That taste testing helps to change her perspective on everything that is currently going on in her life. She meets an incredible boy, but she didn’t get his name and he didn’t get hers so they don’t know if they will see each other again.

She starts to make friends. They help her to find her place. They help her to find the boy. They help her to realize that things aren’t as terrible as she’d let herself believe.

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a sweet little story about how love can first blossom and how the events of one night can alter a persons perspective. I think that any tween or teen could fall in love with this book as much as I did. I can’t wait to see if my own teenaged daughter falls in love with it as much as I did.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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