{Wicked: Sara Shepard}

{Wicked: Sara Shepard}

{Synopsis} – In idyllic Rosewood, Pennsylvania, four very pretty girls just can't help but be bad. . . .

Hanna will do anything to be Rosewood's queen bee. Spencer's digging up her family's secrets. Emily can't stop thinking about her new boyfriend. And Aria approves a little too strongly of her mom's taste in men.

Now that Ali's killer is finally behind bars, the girls think they're safe. But those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. And they should know by now that I'm always watching. . .

{My thoughts} – I just finished this book. I am finding it easier to review with the book freshly in my mind. Hence the short non appealing reviews up until this point. I was not disappointed as this book has woven in nicely with the previous four. The end has an unexpected twist and if you have been watching the show you can prepare to be confused. None of the information within the books matches anything in the show and that’s alright – it’s like a completely different story line with the same characters and plot but not quite the same. Anyways – If you like the show I am sure you will enjoy the books.

I can’t believe how well written these girls are into the books. Hanna really takes the cake for being a double crossing twat – Since her mother moved away and she is living in the house with her dad and step sister etc. things have gotten hectic for her – but that doesn’t change her personality at all she is still so much like Ali –  it’s pathetic. Aria certainly likes older men as she is caught up with liking this guy that dates her mother and because of it – she then moves back with her dad to avoid the confrontation with her mother and her boyfriend. Anyways – so onto Emily it was nice to see that she liked a boy and was able to admit to him who she was and all that nice stuff — And Melissa planting in Spencer’s head that she was adopted was insane but very close to what actually happened — wow! Also it threw me off that the girls found Ian’s dead body in the woods – but when they went back with the police it was gone – that is not how they found him dead in the show…..

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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