{Blog Presentation}

{Blog Presentation}

I am rather new to keeping a public blog that allows for other viewers to look at roam and comment. I usually stay to myself so the way my blog looked never really mattered to me therefore I didn’t think it had the ability to affect other individuals in the blogging atmosphere. Anyways, in the past week or so I have been to a lot of different blogs. I have run across things I love about them and things that I cannot stand at all. I thought I might share some of my findings.I am sure there are plenty of blogs out there about this stuff and I do not by any means want to trample someone’s ideas but these are the things I like and I do not like when looking at someone’s blog. {if you have a similar post (or know of one) let me know in a polite comment so I can link you (it) – it will be nice to show I’m not the only one with these views}.

{awesome sauce} reasons to visit again
~. original banners
~. solid light colored backgrounds
~. dark easy to read font colors
~. easy to read fonts
~. simple is better

{lame sauce} all make me hit the x almost immediately
~. trippy backgrounds – {uninterested in getting a headache}
~. black background with bright text – {another means of getting a headache}
~. music playing – {i usually listen to my own music while surfing the net – I don’t care to hear someone elses}
~. fonts that are difficult to read – {if I can’t read the font the content it lost}
~. banners that take up the whole page – {who ever thought of hiding their entire page with a banner lost it}
~. cluttered sidebars – {very distracting}
~. when I have to scroll to the end of a page just to find the follow me widget – {it makes me not want to follow someone}
~. not being able to find a way to follow someone – {resulting in having to put the url in the manual way} – {makes me think other blogs don’t want to be followed}
~. might add more to this as time progresses


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