{Robbie Knightley: Lauren Garatz-Logsted}

{Synopsis} –A modern-day Dennis the Menace, Robbie Knightley stumbles through life annoying the next-door neighbor, frustrating his teachers and perplexing his parents, who can't quite understand why he's so different than his six older sisters. When Robbie opens his Christmas presents prematurely without remorse for the second year running, his parents consult his therapist grandfather and Robbie hears his parents say they think there's something wrong with him, something missing. Robbie decides he'll get by in life by keeping his mouth shut and avoiding spending too much time with other people. But when a five-day class trip is unexpectedly moved up and he can't get out of it, Robbie fears the worst: that his friends will see him for who he really is, a boy with something missing.

{my thoughts} – This book is interesting that is for sure. Robbie is left with many questions about who he is throughout the book. He is left trying to figure out what his purpose is because he keeps making mistakes and he doesn’t seem to think things through enough before acting on them. It is a nice little adventure.

This book reminds me a lot of a show called {Pinky Dinky Doo}, because it introduces vocabulary words in a similar fashion. It’s a good way to improve vocabulary words while reading a nice little adventure. I am sure at some point or another most children question who they are and what their purpose is and this book helps by explaining one scenario of what may or may not happen should a similar instance take place with the child reading the book. It’s well written and worth the read.

The only thing I didn’t like was the implications in the book that made Robbie out to be stupid. I cannot stand that word or that word being implied towards any child.

Final Conclusion: 4 Star Rating.






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