{Shadow Embraced: Cheree Smith}

{Shadow Embraced: Cheree Smith}

{Synopsis} –No escape.

Those words haunt Scar’s dreams. She thinks the creature that terrorises her while asleep isn’t real, but when she’s abducted and taken to a reform school meant to contain creatures too dangerous to function in society, she starts to wonder whether she isn’t some monster.

She turns to an underground fight club full of vampires, werewolves and witches established by the students to control her urges, and who is she kidding, she loves to fight.

When fighters begin to disappear, turning Scar into the prime suspect, she must race to prove her innocence before her true nature is exposed.

The only problem is that she’s not entirely sure she’s innocent.

{My Thoughts} – This book is a rather different take on the paranormal world of scary creatures. Scar is a teenage Dhampir. She is a mixed breed that is said to be an abomination of the creature world. There aren’t many Dhampirs alive that have not caused so much trouble they had to be put down.

One day Scar is with her friend Alex skipping school in modern day real world. And the next she is being held captive in a town called Haven that is created solely for the purpose of protecting and teaching those similar to her but not quite the same. Scar is a fighter and she gets into trouble, eventually she is accepted into the underground fight club at the school which gives her a more carefree way of channeling her anger.

This book is well written and it explores another side of the paranormal world that I haven’t run across often. It shows that not all vampires are created but that it is possible for some to be born and be known as a Dhampir or mixed breed. It helps to show you that even when you are dropped into a world that you know nothing about that it is possible to survive and make friends that will help to assist you on your journey. It also helps to show that just because your life has changed and been turned completely upside down it doesn’t mean that it is over. “Where there is a will, there is always a way.”

I really enjoyed reading this book and it was a nice beginning to the new year for me. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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