{Redux: A.L. Davroe}

{Redux: A.L. Davroe}

{Synopsis} – The domed city of Evanescence is in ruins. With nowhere to go, prodigy hacker Ellani “Ella” Drexel and a small band of survivors flee to the Undertunnel below their city.

To escape the wasteland she unknowingly created.

But sanctuary is hard to find. With malfunctioning androids and angry rebels at their backs, the group hopes to press on for the neighboring city of Cadence. But Ella’s chosen path is challenging…life-threatening, even. Worse, the boy she loves is acting distant, and not at all like the person she first met in Nexis.

But then Ella learns a secret…and it changes everything.

Ella knows she needs to turn back and make a stand to reclaim her home. She’s determined to bring a new—and better—life to all who’ve suffered.

Or die trying.

{My thoughts} – Ellani Drexel is back again in an incredibly well written sequel to “Nexis.” This book picks up exactly where the last one lets off and fills you in on a few things that happened in the first book so you will have an easier time remembering what happened and not feel like you may need to go read that first book as a means to be able to understand where this book is picking up. I like that when authors give you tidbits from previous books, it makes it easier to keep reading and not have to go back and forth between each book.

When I saw this book was up for tour I just had to read it. I am intrigued by this whole series and the premise in which it is written, The first book had pulled me completely in and I’d been wanting to know what Ellani’s next step would be once they were all together in the tunnels. There are some good moments, some bad moments and some OMGee I can’t believe that’s why things are how they are moments. I really enjoyed reading more into the storyline. I can’t wait to continue the storyline with the next book in the series. I truly hope it isn’t going to be a long wait, because right now this second it’s leaving me with the feeling of pure torture! You know the feeling I am talking about – the dreaded book hand-overs. I have one again because of this series! I am anxious to read on and see what comes of the survivors of Evanescence.

If you enjoy dystopian type books, I am certain that you’ll enjoy reading this book and well the whole series. It’s well written and well thought out. The description and the imagery toppled with a fascinating storyline pulls the reader right in. The only thing that bothered me about this book was the inconsistency with Ellani’s nickname. She was called Ella by some characters and Elle by others which to me got sort of annoying. I really enjoyed the rest of the way in which the book was written and I am sure that other readers will enjoy it just as much. I look forward to seeing where this series goes with the next book.

{Quotes I Enjoyed} –
{01} – But do people who are blinded by their desire ever see what they’re doing?
{02} – And I have my new path in life – to eventually undo the momentous wrong that’s unfolding around me.
{03} – I’ve lost so much. Friends. Family. My home and the city that houses it. All gone because I played a game and planted a virus.
{04} – Nexis. My father’s game had been my salvation after my falsified imprisonment. It gave me legs, freedom, friends, love, adventure, hope. And it taught me so much: about my father, myself, the world as it once was before humanity destroyed it, and it opened my eyes to the injustice around me. But even that is gone.
{05} – The promised escape into a virtual dream has been cut short by a true escape here in Real World. I managed to find a little piece of the game to take away with me… “At least we found each other.”
{06} – Persevere, although you’re dying. keep climbing, although you’re being chased down, shot at, killed.
{07} – But when perfect is normal it’s not special anymore.
{08} – And now, most certainly the stakes are at their highest. The game has become real, and I find myself grossly ill-equipped to play.
{09} – Faced with this chaos, everything I have learned about myself and the world via Nexis is even more important. It’s imperative to persevere, to believe in myself, my abilities, and the people I choose as my allies. I hope I still can.
{10} – One person’s life is never worth anyone else’s.
{11} – Part of me wants to jump up and tell the boys to stop, to leave the door open. But beyond that door, there is no salvation. There is only death and destruction.
{12} – Turning away I might Gus’s eyes and smile again. Gus is certainty and truth. That’s how I know he’s right for me. That’s how I know even though Quentin’s kiss confuses and tempts me, Gus is the right decision. Where Quentin is the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Gus is the beauty in the beast.
{13} – Our world just ended. We’re both suffering. There is no place here for blame and grudges and rights to sensitivity.
{14} – One can be a prisoner, even in their own body.
{15} – Because if I can’t forgive, then how can I expect anyone to forgive me.
{16} – “You can’t save them all. As soon as you accept it, the further you’ll get in life. Tou can’t make anyone happy but yourself.”
{17} – “Being alive means leaving a trail of the dead behind you. That’s what it means to go on living – to walk away from death whenever it comes knocking. And I’m not just talking about physical death, Ella. Everything dies eventually. Ideas, relationships, lifestyles. You walk away from them, they walk away from you.”
{18} – “Look back all you want, Ellani, but keep moving. Even if it means leaving someone or something you love behind. You have to do it. To live. That’s what it means to overcome diversity.”
{19} – “I know that’s what your real goal is. Don’t lie to yourself by thinking anything else. You live. Even if it means leaving all of us in the dust. I can see what’s in you, and you’re worth more than any of us.”
{20} – “But the love you have for me is different than what you have for Sadie. Isn’t it?” Bashful, he nods. “I didn’t think there was different kinds. There’s love and then there’s love.”
{{21} – “Everyone is weak,” Bastian continues. “We all make mistakes. Even Delia.”
{22} – “I’m sure Quentin feels it. Personal vendettas often come with collateral damage. And they backfire, but I’m sure he never imagined he’d be walking this path alone. I’m sure he feels very lost and abandoned.”
{23} – “Sparks, you make me want to run away screaming sometimes.” He turns back to me and gives me a long look. “I’ll chase you until I catch you or I’ll die trying. There is no other option for me, Elle. One day you’ll figure that out.”
{24} – No one is perfect, but you can be perfect for someone.
{25} – “It scares me, how you can turn cold sometimes. How death seems so east, so cut and dry for you.” His hand disappears and he takes a few steps away from me. Back turned he says, “When you’re filled with so much hate and anger, it’s easy to keep a fire inside. It’s easy to let it swallow you up, let it burn you. It’s cleansing sometimes. You come out a different person. Harder, like steel.” He glances of his shoulder. “I have to be hard, Elle. For me” – he turns away again – “for them.”
{26} – People do foolish things in their grief, and sometimes it’s not smart and it’s not safe.
{27} – “Humans are inherently destructive; they need to be controlled to some degree.”
{28} – “Sometimes, people don’t know what is best for them. Most times, they want to be told. They don’t want to worry, they don’t wat choice.”
{29} – “Part of being human is to have free will, even if it’s to make the choice to hurt someone else.”
{30} – To show one’s humanity is to be compassionate toward others.
{31} – “I love you more than anything and I only want the best for you. It’s because of that that I – we – did this for you. To give you a better world to live in.”
“I didn’t ask for that.”
“You didn’t need to. It’s what every parent wants – to give a safe, beautiful world to their child. We;d do anything to that end.”
{32} – “Time,” I breather. “Such a strange thing when you think about it.”

“I don’t believe in time,” Delia finally says. “Not anymore. It’s just a dumb way to measure how empty our lives are.”
{33} – “Death is powerful. Trans-formative. The person who dies goes through the last transformation – puts a period at the end of their story. But the people left behind?” She shakes her head. “That’s a new paragraph, a new chapter. For some it’s the climax. Everything falls after that. Maybe they will be the villain.”
{34} – “As a human being, you owe it to every human – and the world – to be the best you can be. We have the potential to be great.”
{35} – “There’s no such thing as destiny. Anything you’re born into, you can get yourself out of. Anything life throws at you, you can fight.”

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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