{Lost Boy: Wendy Spinale}

{Lost Boy: Wendy Spinale}

{Synopsis} – Before Captain Hook annihilated England, before the Lost City was built underground, before Gwen stole his heart, Pete was a just boy living among the shadows. Determined to get himself and his sister out the rundown orphanage, Pete finds a solution in the seedy underbelly of London, a deadly place of scamps and thieves where survival is determined by cunning skill and bareknuckle bravery. But then one night, everything changes . . .

In this dark reimagining of the original Lost Boy, Wendy Spinale weaves a stunning story of courage and heartbreak, loss and redemption as one boy is forced to face his past . . . and his future.

{My thoughts} – I will admit I read this prequel after I read the first book. This prequel helped me to better understand Pete and the storyline. It introduced all the main characters in a more effective manner.

In this prequel you learn what happened to Pete and his family. It also helps you to better understand all the main characters and the reason for their personalities.

I enjoyed reading it and think that anyone else that is interested in Peter Pan remakes will enjoy it as well. I do however recommend reading it before reading the first book. It will help you better understand the first book on so many levels.

{Quotes I Enjoyed} –
{01} – As a child, my mum told me the night sky was an obsidian blanket and the stars were holes for those who have passed before us to keep watch.
{02} – The cry of the littlest survivor in Bella’s tiny arms draws my attention back to the group of kids I’ve rescued. As I look into each of their faces, I don’t see children, but young people who have been forced to grow up all too soon. Death and destruction have changed them and their innocence has been stolen. They’re frightened , cold, and hungry. Their worried eyes seek safety. Solace.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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