{Will Ladybug Hug?: Hilary Leung}

{Will Ladybug Hug?: Hilary Leung}

{Synopsis} – Meet Ladybug. Ladybug loves to hug! Now Ladybug is getting ready to go on a trip and wants to say good-bye to her friends. . . but will her friends want to receive a hug? Find out in this surprising and memorable storybook all about friendship, high-fives, consent, and of course, hugs.

A fresh and funny new book in creative talent Hilary Leung’s series of animal question stories all about preschool milestone moments. Let Ladybug and her friends laugh, high-five, and hug their way to your heart!

One ladybug.
Many friends.
One timeless question: Will Ladybug Hug?

{My thoughts} – I really enjoy the simplicity of these books by Hilary Leung. They tackle simple concepts that most any child can understand. They have simple wording and the illustrations aren’t overly distracting. I have come to enjoy reading these particular books to my daughters. I can’t tell you the number of times we have read the “Will Bear Share?” book. It is endless and it is so rewarding to see their happy faces and smiles when they are being read over and over to.

This book is about hugging and how it is okay to want a hug and it’s okay to not want a hug. I myself am not much of a hugging kind of person. However, my husband loves to give out random hugs and high fives etc depending on his moods. This book helps to show children that they can do what they feel is right for them, just like the characters in the book. I enjoy being able to read them little stories that have nice little lessons attached to them. I am almost certain that this will become one of their favorites, like the previous books have.

I recommend this book to anyone looking to add a nice fast simple read to their child’s library. It can make a nice little bed time story or before nap story or anytime story. The anytime story seems to be the case more so in our house. I love that my children are growing up to love books as much as I love books.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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