{The Spy’s Secret: Eric Luper}

{The Spy’s Secret: Eric Luper}

{Synopsis} – Cleo and Evan have a secret. A collection of books so dangerous they are locked up tight. A friend has vanished inside the pages of one of them. It’s up to them to find the key that will set her free.


Agents Cleo and Evan have been given an impossible mission: become super-spies and foil the plans of an evil mastermind. But it won’t be easy to break into the Viper’s secret underwater lair, complete a daring rescue, find the right key, and get out alive!

{My thoughts} – At the end of the last book Cleo and Evan got another key along with a note from the previous librarian. They both knew that that new key would help them to unlock the next book in their adventure. I don’t think they were expecting quite the adventure that they were sent on though.

Cleo and Leo unlock a book into a spy story. If you’ve read any books in the Alex Rider series, this book reminded me of them. They go on this dangerous mission to rescue one of the members of their spy agency. They end up running into their new librarian, whom happens to be one of the bad guys, that is out to stop them from completing their mission.

Will Cleo and Evan be able to make the rescue? Will their new librarian stop them from completing their mission? Will they be able to make it out of this story? Will they get the next key? Find out by reading this book!

I recommend this book for any child that enjoys going on really fun adventures with their imagination. This book was a really fun read. What child doesn’t want to read and be lost in the pages of a spy book? I think any child has the potential to fall in love with Cleo and Evan and their magical hidden library!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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