{Monster Cake: Rebecca Dickinson}

{Monster Cake: Rebecca Dickinson}

{Synopsis} – On the morning of their mother’s birthday, three young monsters prepare to make her birthday cake and use special ingredients that only a monster mother and her family could appreciate. Original.

{My thoughts} – I’m always on the search for simple books to read to my little ones. When our local library had their sale on books they were discarding a few months ago, I had to go. I found this book there and I fell in love with it. It has short sentences that make for easy reading for a beginner reader. It also is written similar to the pat-a-cake song. In fact when I read it for the first time to my two year old, all I was thinking about was the pat-a-cake song.

This book is about three little monsters that make a cake for their mom for her birthday. They use special ingredients that help to make it extra special. When the book is through their monster mom seems to be surprised and enjoys the surprise from her monster children.

The words in this book go hand and hand with the illustrations. The illustrations are really colorful and eye appealing. I enjoy reading books like this to my two year old and pointing out other things on the pages and not only just reading the words to the story. I love to take advantage of any opportunity to help teach her word association.

I recommend this book for any parent that has a a child that enjoys reading about monsters. This definitely has the potential to become a birthday favorite for any child.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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