{Never Touch a Dragon: Rosie Greening}

{Never Touch a Dragon: Rosie Greening}

{Synopsis} – A tactile touch-and-feel book all about dragons! You must never touch a dragon . . . except in this book!

This dragon-themed touch-and-feel book is perfect for young children! They will love reading the funny rhyme that warns of the dangers of touching a dragon and then ignoring the advice! Innovative silicone touches feature throughout the book, with a different texture for children to explore on every spread. This tactile book offers plenty for young children to enjoy, helping to promote an early love of reading!

{My thoughts} – My 10 month old is at the age where she loves to touch and see how different things feel. She also enjoys being able to put different things in her mouth as well. I can’t tell you the number of times books have been in her mouth because, well, she’s at that age. When I was shopping at Sam’s Club I ran across this book and I just had to buy it for her.

I haven’t given it to her yet, because I wanted to review it first. I am certain that it is going to be one of her favorite books. It has so many different kinds of textures that start on the cover and continue through each of the pages. The text is bright and fun colors. The illustrations are the same bright and fun colors you see in the text. The words on the pages go nicely with the illustrations.

I recommend this book for any child that enjoys touching and feeling different kinds of textures. I also recommend it for any child that enjoys being read to on a regular basis. This book has the potential to become a loved book for children.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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