{Clifford the Big Red Dog: Norman Bridwell}

{Clifford the Big Red Dog: Norman Bridwell}

{Synopsis} – “I’m Emily Elizabeth,
and I have a dog.
My dog is a big red dog.”

This is how it all began — in 1963, Norman Bridwell published his very first Clifford book, and kids have loved Clifford ever since. He’s an adorable dog whose well-meaning bumblings have great kid appeal. Clifford is Emily Elizabeth’s, and everyone’s, favorite big red dog!

This charming jacketed hardcover edition is finally back in print and makes the perfect gift!

{My thoughts} – I’m sure by now most parents have heard of Clifford the Big Red Dog. I have watched the tv adaptation numerous times with my older children. I have not however, had the opportunity to introduce the babies to it at this point. I may need to after reading this book with my two year old.

I really enjoyed reading this book with my daughter. She seemed to love it just as much. She was happy and liked looking at all the illustrations. I think she found it interesting that Clifford was so much bigger then Emily Elizabeth in the book. Here at home we have two very small dogs, so she is use to dogs that are smaller then people.

This book is a nice beginner reader. It has short sentences on each page. It has simple illustrations and it is easy to read. I enjoy reading short books to my babies and this one although it has a lot of pages is a short book. My daughter had no issues with sitting on my lap while I’d read through the book with her. The entire time she’d been pointing at the pictures and I was telling her what was what. This book helped to open up a whole new learning experience for her as we were able to go over opposites and some other words that we have not run across in books yet.

I recommend this book for any younger child. It makes a nice story book. It makes a nice beginner reader. If your child decides they like it maybe consider looking into getting some more of the Clifford the Big Red Dog books that have been released in the past.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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