{Peppa’s Chinese New Year: Scholastic}

{Peppa’s Chinese New Year: Scholastic}

{Synopsis} – It’s the year of the Pig–Peppa Pig, that is!

When Madame Gazelle tells the children it’s time to celebrate Chinese New Year, they couldn’t be more excited. Peppa and her friends hang lanterns, eat fortune cookies, and put on a dragon dance!

This beautiful 8×8 comes with a sheet of stickers. There’s also a sheet of fun facts in the back about Chinese New Year.

Based on the hit TV show on Nick Jr.

{My thoughts} – Peppa Pig, where to begin. This is a fun book about the Chinese New Year featuring Peppa Pig. Peppa Pig is a popular cartoon character that can be watched on Nick Jr. Many children have fallen in love with it since it came out.

This book was made to help keep that love of the cartoon alive for children for years to come. This is the first Peppa Pig book that I have had the pleasure of reading with my daughter.

The cover of this book is Is bright and appealing. It also has really nice illustrations that go hand and hand with the story upon it’s pages.

The story is about the Chinese New Year and what happens during the time in which it is celebrated. It is a fairly simple story and easy for children to understand.

I think that any child can enjoy this book. It’s a bonus if they like Peppa Pig as well.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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