{Thief Strikes!: Hilde Lysiak, Matthew Lysiak}

{Thief Strikes!: Hilde Lysiak, Matthew Lysiak}

{Synopsis} – Pick a book. Grow a Reader!

This series is part of Scholastic’s early chapter book line, Branches, aimed at newly independent readers. With easy-to-read text, high-interest content, fast-paced plots, and illustrations on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and stamina. Branches books help readers grow!

Real-life crime reporter Hilde Lysiak is starring in her very own early chapter book series — inspired by real news stories she has written! In this sixth book, tomato plants are stolen from a local garden! Hilde needs to catch the thief fast. But when she and her sister Izzy interview witnesses, they discover something strange: people all around town are getting sick! Can this real-life reporter get to the ROOT of these two mysteries?

Joanne Lew-Vriethoff’s personality-filled illustrations appear on every page, bringing Hilde’s adventures to life for young readers!

{My thoughts} – A thief strikes and Hilde and Izzy are on the scene. They are trying to find out who stole the missing tomato plants. While they are trying to solve that mystery they are also trying to solve the mystery of why so many people are getting sick that ate at Slick Dogs.

It takes them the better part of the day and then they figure out what is going on. They have to interview a couple of people and then eventually they talk with the right person and they get the answers that they need in order to solve both the mysteries.

I really enjoyed this book. It was very fast paced and it explained everything really well. I also like how it shows that children are capable of solving crimes just like adults. In some cases I’d think that children are easier to talk to and all.

This is a great book and series for any child that is a fan of mystery. I really do hope that they continue the series as this is the last book as far as I can tell. However, it ended like all the rest, with an opening for a new book to be written. Here’s to hoping we will be seeing much more of The Orange Street News in the future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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