{Unicorns LOVE Rainbow Underpants!: Jenny Copper}

{Unicorns LOVE Rainbow Underpants!: Jenny Copper}

{Synopsis} – What do unicorns love? Do they eat lollipops and wear a frog on their head? Do they race on roller skates and dance in a tutu? Choose from 15 push-out play pieces to create a funny story. Children can slot their chosen play piece into each picture to decide what happens next. Unicorns LOVE Rainbow Underpants! encourages imaginative play as the reader matches and sorts the play pieces to build and create their own story, again and again.

{My thoughts} – Have you ever wondered what it is that unicorns like? I am sure you have at some point. When I was a child I was an avid collector of all types of unicorn glass figurines. It comes as no surprise to me that my daughter now has a liking for unicorns!

This is a really fun book. It is nice and bright on all the pages. It helps to catch and hold your child’s attention. When you open the book you have the same nice bright colorful illustrations. The text is written in nice and short sentences that are easy to understand.

Upon opening the book you will notice that there is an empty square in the middle of the text. That square is so you can take pieces from the far right and place them there to help create your own story. My daughter absolutely loves this part of the book. She enjoyed taking each piece and moving them to the middle after I’d shown her how and having me read what the story changed to.

I really enjoyed reading this book with her and I know she enjoyed it as well. There were even points in the reading where things we just silly and she started laughing. She’d found the humor in some of the pieces as I was reading the book. I look forward to reading books similar to this one with her in the future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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