{Teeny Tiny Ghost: Rachel Matson}

{Teeny Tiny Ghost: Rachel Matson}

{Synopsis} – An adorable spooky twist on “The Teeny Tiny Woman” that’s perfect for Halloween!
In the teeny tiny barn
Of a teeny tiny house
Lived a teeny tiny ghost
And a teeny tiny mouse…

This teeny tiny ghost is too little to be spooky. Will she find her voice… and a friend, too? Discover the perfect Halloween read-aloud, full of vibrant illustrations, bouncy rhymes, and an irresistible friendship theme!

Celebrate the seasons with Teeny Tiny: little books with a LOT of heart!

{My thoughts} – This is a fun little book based on a Teeny Tiny Ghost and a Teeny Tiny Mouse. The ghost is so little that no one seems to really know it is around. She is trying to spook the mouse, but instead it comes out as a quiet boo and they end up laughing and becoming pals.

I really like the repetition of this book and how it helps children to be able to recognize the same word pattern. It repeats the words “Teeny Tiny” so much that it’s hard not to end up remembering them as you are reading.

The illustrations within the pages of the book are beautifully done. They go hand and hand with the words upon it’s pages. It’s a nice blend that I have enjoyed reading a few times to my youngest. This is definitely a must have book for any parent looking for a cute Halloween themed book for their little one!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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