{Good Dog: Dan Gemeinhart}

{Good Dog: Dan Gemeinhart}

{Synopsis} – Brodie didn’t remember the exact moment that he died. But he did remember the exact moment that he woke up afterward. When he woke up he was already running.

In his awe-inspiring new novel, acclaimed author Dan Gemeinhart brings his signature blend of action, heart, and beautiful, deliberate prose to the story of a good dog who can’t move on to the afterlife until the boy he loves is safe.

{My thoughts} – Brodie is a wonderful dog. He’s a faithful companion to his boy Aiden. He enjoys his time with Aiden: the playing, the snuggling, everything. Brodie loves Aiden and Aiden loves Brodie.

Brodie ends up going to an in between place once he passes away. He meets a number of other dogs there that haven’t quite decided to move onto forever yet. He meets a particular dog named Tuck and those two become close pals.

Brodie decides he’d like to go back to check up on Aiden. Tuck decides he’s going to go with him. This begins their adventure of learning that not everything is as it seemed before when they were living.

I really enjoyed this book as it shows how unbreakable a bond between a child and their dog truly is. It shows that even though things seem like they might not have a good ending that their is still a possibility and opportunity for hope to overcome all misconceptions.

Brodie and Aiden were a match made in heaven. Hopefully sometime in the distant distant future they will be given an opportunity to be together again.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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