{Ruff vs. Fluff: Spencer Quinn}

{Synopsis} – New York Times bestseller Spencer Quinn returns with a laugh-out-loud series about the most epic rivalry of our time . . . Arthur the dog vs. Queenie the cat.

From the outside, Queenie the cat and Arthur the dog appear to have a lot in common. Both pets live in the charming Blackberry Hill inn. They both love their humans, twins Harmony and Bro. They both have a fondness for sausage.

But that doesn’t change the fact that they are mortal enemies.

Goofy, big-hearted Arthur loves everyone he’s ever met . . . except the snobby, scheming cat who’s devoted her life to ruining his.

Queenie is a bit choosier. And who can blame her? When you’re brilliant AND exquisitely beautiful, you can’t be expected to rub tails with commoners. Especially not slobbery dogs.

But when the twins’ beloved cousin is framed for murder, Queenie and Arthur must work together to clear his name . . . something Queenie finds even more distasteful than inexpensive caviar. Can two enemies put aside their differences long enough to solve the mystery?

{My thoughts} – I was a huge fan of the Bowser and Birdie Series by Spencer Quinn, so of course when I learned there was a new series coming out I wanted to read it. I am a bit behind on this series as my son lost the book in his room, he’d wanted to read it first – uh oh! I finally have it read just in time to start the newer book in the series that released a few days earlier.

In this all new series we get to know Harmony and Bro {Ringo} as well as their pets Arthur {a dog} and Queenie {a cat}. We also get to meet their mom and many of the towns people. Some of those towns people are questionable characters in my opinion from the way they act from the moment they are introduced within the pages.

I like how the animals and the children are able to piece almost everything together before the adults. I find that part rather interesting in my honest opinion.

When we start reading it is either from Arthur’s point of view or from Queenie’s point of view. We don’t ever here from the humans unless the animals are witnessing their conversations. I like the way the book is written, formatted etc. I think it would be fun to actually be able to understand a cat or dog’s point of view and this book gives you a taste of that. I knew that Spencer Quinn had a good understanding of a dog’s mind but he seems to have a great understanding of a cat’s mind as well.

When the book begins and interesting character checks into the family inn. He asks a lot questions and wants to go explore a specific trail as soon as possible. So much so that he pays Harmony and Bro to take him halfway there and then he sends them back home and goes off on his own. Their mother becomes concerned when he doesn’t come back and then the next day gets a text saying that some friends of his will be picking up his belongings. She stops worrying but then Harmony and Arthur end up going up that trail and discover that the guy is dead. This sets a whole lot of events into motion.

The characters are fun to read about and I really enjoyed getting to know them, especially Queenie and Arthur. The way they are portrayed is nothing short of brilliant in my honest opinion.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I can see why my son told me that I needed to read it as soon as he was able to relocate it in his room. He now has the second one in the series and I am waiting for him to finish it so that I can read it as well. I look forward to reading more books in this series in the near future.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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