{Be Clever Little Fox: Make Believe Ideas}

{Be Clever Little Fox: Make Believe Ideas}

{Synopsis} – Introducing a deluxe new format that will wow parents and children alike!

The fully foiled and embossed pages throughout this keepsake book would make for the perfect gift.

With sweet, encouraging text and enchanting illustrations, little ones will love reading it over and over again!

{My thoughts} – The other day my husband and I were walking around Kroger and we came upon this book with our two year old daughter. She was fascinated by it from the moment she laid her eyes on it. She found that it was a fun book to look at, to page through, she enjoyed being able to feel the many different textures on the pages. She hadn’t even heard the story yet, but was in love with the book, so of course we got it for her.

This is a nice little book that has a shiny cover and the pages mass. It is really colorful and eye appealing. It has different textures within the pages and it is very engaging for a child. My daughter had spent an hour or so just paging through the book over and over. The story is written in a rhyme like fashion and is easy to understand. Each time you turn the pages you will see that there is a direction to find five more of a similar animal in which the previous page had mentioned. It’s not only a nice little story but aids in helping children learn to count from one to five. It helps in teaching children the names and pictures of bears, fish, lions, penguins, and foxes.

I highly recommend this book for children that are interested in new books. Interested in animals, counting, shiny things, and books with textures. This book has a lot of potential and can become a wonderful learning tool for you and your child in both reading, word association and counting.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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