{Baby Sharks LOVE Pop Music!: Amber Lily}

{Baby Sharks LOVE Pop Music!: Amber Lily}

{Synopsis} – What do baby sharks love? Do they eat hamburgers and sing pop songs? Do they dream about cupcakes? Do baby sharks love to play in the park?

Lift the flaps to create a story with this interactive board book where the reader determines the plot! Choose from fifteen lift-the-flaps to create a funny story and decide what happens next. Baby Sharks LOVE Pop Music! encourages imaginative play as the reader crafts their own story, again and again.

{My thoughts} – The cover of this book is an appealing shade of turquoise. It has a wonderful illustration of a shark posing as if it is singing or getting ready to sing. The illustrations within the book match the text upon it’s pages. It is written in a rhyme like format which gives it a music like flow. When you turn the page you get to fill in the blanks with one of three mystery squares and help change the story. I really enjoyed reading through this book with my daughters. They enjoyed being able to choose what happened in the story. I look forward to sharing similar books like this one with my daughters in the future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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