{Eddie and Dog: Alison Brown}

{Eddie and Dog: Alison Brown}

{Synopsis} – Eddie is looking for a friend – a friend who likes adventure. Then Eddie meets Dog and Dog wants an adventure too. So Eddie takes Dog home and the pair have a lot of fun until Eddie's mum decides that Dog can't stay as Dog needs a garden. Will Dog stay away for long? This wonderful story with stunning artwork celebrates the excitement of a beautiful friendship. The perfect picture book for any child who loves a little adventure and especially for one who loves dogs.

{My thoughts} – This is a cute little book about a boy named Eddie and a more or less homeless dog. Eddie and the dog get a long wonderful but his mother says no dog because they don’t live in a place with a backyard big enough to sustain him. The dog goes his way but always seems to come back to play. Eventually Eddie’s mom and him with the help of the dog figure out a way that they can keep the dog.

This is one of those children’s stories that are meant to spark up a child’s imagination. It’s well written and it is nicely illustrated. I am sure any young child would love to have this read to them over and over again.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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