{Jack B. Ninja: Tim McCanna}

{Synopsis} – Jack B. Ninja! Jack, be quick! Jack, jump over the bamboo stick! Secret mission starts tonight. Hide in shadow, out of sight. In this ninja fantasy inspired by the classic nursery rhyme “Jack Be Nimble,” cheer on Jack as he sneaks over castle walls, swims through hidden tunnels, and uncovers a secret treasureContinue Reading

{Unicorn Magic: Sabina Gibson}

{Synopsis} – In the Forever Forest, all the unicorns have magic in their horns. Some can spin animal-shaped clouds or paint a brilliant sunrise. Others can even grow a meadow of magical, colorful flowers. Periwinkle, the light-blue unicorn, worries that she will never discover her special power. Her forest friends help her realize that magicContinue Reading

{Haunted Halloween: Sue Fliess}

{Synopsis} – Halloween comes to life in this rhyming romp with adorable trick-or-treaters and a spooky countdown, all leading up to one exciting holiday surprise — a party! Haunted night, monsters, fright. Enter there… if you dare. One bat hangs, pointy fangs. Two toads sleep. Earthworms creep. Kids will delight in turning the die-cut pagesContinue Reading