{Bible Stories for Little Hearts: Sandra Magsamen}

{Bible Stories for Little Hearts: Sandra Magsamen}

{Synopsis} – Bestselling creator Sandra Magsamen’s tender first introduction to classic Bible stories, from Noah’s Ark to the Nativity story, in a padded board book perfect for babies and toddlers!

A soothing, loving collection of first Bible stories for little ones from bestselling creator Sandra Magsamen. Stories from Noah’s Ark to the birth of Jesus are compiled in this soft, padded board format perfect for bedtime. Featuring sweet pastels, gentle rhyme, and adorable animal illustrations, discover this perfect gentle introduction to the Bible for little hearts everywhere to cherish.

{My thoughts} – The cover of this book is bright and glorious on so many levels. It has the same go to graphic style as all of Sandra Magsamen’s books. I love the graphic style so much! It is a very kid friendly style and it helps to keep kids interested because the things within the pages are recognizable without being overly realistic and boring.

The font used within the pages is also very appealing for children. I often wonder how authors and illustrators come up with the design, because I am always in love with these books. Always, I’ve no complaints. The text within the pages is simple and easy for most younger children to understand without out having too much on the pages that can cause the child to lose interest in the story.

I enjoyed the Bible Stories that are highlighted within the book. They are classics and most children learn or hear of them in Sunday School at a greater length. I suppose you can call these teasers to what will come in the future. These stories are a nice introduction and can help a child begin to understand the importance of the Bible and God.

I look forward to reading and reviewing more books by this author in the near future!

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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