{Frankie vs. the Pirate Pillagers: Frank Lampard}

{Synopsis} – Frankie and his soccer team travel to fantastic lands to play some of the wildest soccer matches ever!

Frankie and his teammates love playing soccer. They can always find time for a game. But when they win an old soccer ball at a carnival, they're transported to a magical world of soccer that they never knew existed! Can Frankie and his team beat the Pirate Pillagers and make their way home?

{My thoughts} – Three friends Frankie, Charlie and Louise got to a carnival together. When they are ready to leave they see a soccer booth. Frankie decides to play the game and wins an old battered soccer ball as his prize. Once they start walking home and near the park they decide to play a game. What happens next is magical. They end up opening a portal which the ball flies through. They then go into the portal to get their ball and end up finding out that they are now the newest team of a Fantasy Soccer League. The thing about this league is that they must have four players and will have no idea who they will play against next. The fourth player on their time happens to be Frankie’s dog Max. The name of their team is Frankie’s Football Club. Once the game is over they go back to their own time and resume their lives.

This book is entertaining, fun and imaginative. I like how the illustrations within the book match what is going on within the storyline. I also enjoyed how Max the dog even talks in phrases that you would expect a dog to say if they knew how to talk. I also liked how it showed the importance of teamwork! The description in this book is easy to imagine and the wording is simple enough that I can see my soon to be second grade soon devouring it as soon as I give it to him.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.






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