{Frankie vs. the Rowdy Romans: Frank Lampard}

{Frankie vs. the Rowdy Romans: Frank Lampard}

{Synopsis} – Frankie and his soccer team travel to fantastic lands to play some of the wildest soccer matches ever!

Frankie and his friends travel back in time to face off against a group of rowdy Roman soccer players. Can they defeat this team and return home safely?

{My thoughts} – Frankie and his friends go to the park to play some soccer. While they are there they run into his older brother who doesn’t treat them very nicely. They start a game of soccer on their own and end up in Ancient Rome. The description is well done and as I was reading it made me think I could actually be there as the story was progressing. The illustrations when along nicely with the words within the pages and the storyline was easy to follow. The wording was simple and not to difficult. After they win the match they leave by exiting a gate and then they are back in their time. Once they get back his brother decides that he and his friends will play a game of soccer against Frankie and his friends. Frankie’s team wins and leaves a sour taste in his brothers thoughts.

This book helps to show that it is good to be nice to your siblings and that when you work together as a team you can accomplish anything. It also shows that imagination can go a long long way.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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