{Once I Ate a Pie: Patricia MacLachlan: Emily MacLachlan Charest}

{Once I Ate a Pie: 	 Patricia MacLachlan: Emily MacLachlan Charest}

{Synopsis} – Gus herds his people like sheep.

Abby loves borrowing slippers.

And once, Mr. Beefy ate a pie.

It's a dog's life. Filled with squeaky toys, mischief, and plenty of naps. Every dog has a tail to wag and a tale to tell. Patricia MacLachlan and Emily MacLachlan Charest asked this collection of canines to speak up with their own words, barks, and yips.

{My thoughts} – This a a neat little poetry like book about dogs. The short little poems describe each of the dogs. It is amazing how different each dog can be in terms of the things they like, their background, their job, their personality and more. This book helps children to know that each dog is different but they are each special in their own ways.

The words within the book go hand and hand with the illustrations. The illustrations help to bring the words on the pages into a more believable perspective. I really enjoyed it because I like animals and I like poetry. I can’t wait until I let my children read it, because I am certain they will enjoy it also.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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