{The Boy and the Bottle: Kendra Vallone Matthews}

{The Boy and the Bottle: Kendra Vallone Matthews}

{Synopsis} – Jimmy is ready for his first big walk to Grandma's house. He brings an empty milk bottle with him and discovers there are so many things he can use it for along the way. This fun story creates an opportunity to motivate the younger generations to think creatively and explore possibilities in their everyday surroundings.

{My thoughts} – This book is about a little boy named Jimmy that takes a walk to his Grandma’s house. He decides to take along a bottle of water so that he won’t get thirsty on the way since it is a long walk. While he is walking to his Grandma’s he uses the bottle for various things. Once he gets to Grandma’s he again uses it for various things. Once he gets home he again uses it for various things. This book is a neat little book that helps to show children that things can have more then one purpose. That if you imagine it being used for something, or think that it will be able to be used in a different way, more then likely it can be. Jimmy shows us that with the bottle he carries around all day. He shows us that it’s purpose is more then just storing milk or water, but can be used to do many many different things.

The illustrations in this book go hand and hand nicely with the words on each page. I especially like that the story is a lesson and helps to teach children that it’s okay to recycle something and turn it into something new.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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