{Don’t Tap-Dance on Your Teacher: Katherine Applegate}

{Don’t Tap-Dance on Your Teacher: Katherine Applegate}

{Synopsis} – Roscoe Riley doesn't mean to break the rules

Don't Tap-Dance on Your Teacher


Tap shoes make the best noise ever! But tap dancing? The big boys say that's just for girls. Roscoe promised to tap in the school talent show. When the teasing starts, will he keep his word?

{My thoughts} – Roscoe Riley is rather good at getting into trouble for not behaving. In this book he pretends to have hurt himself because he was afraid to carry out a tap dance in the school talent show with his friend Emma. He enjoys tapping but not being made fun of by the other children that don’t think that boys should be able to tap dance or do any kind of dance. Eventually, he comes to his senses and does part of the dance with Emma. However, he ends up making a mess of things which in turn gets him into some trouble as well as lying and faking an injury did.

I highly recommend this book for any child that is having a difficult time engaging in the book world. It has a nice lesson about following the rules and it has humor, which makes for a nice read.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.


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