{Old MacDonald Had a Farm: Gris Grimly}

{Synopsis} – Celebrated creator Gris Grimly, widely known for his gothic style illustrations, turns over a new creative leaf in his glorious interpretation of this beloved preschool anthem. Inspired by his son’s love for Old MacDonald and his own family’s farming history, and with stunning, sweeping watercolor illustrations, and a surprise twist ending that kids will relish, Gris brings this beloved song to glorious new life.

Young children will love reading and singing along as they join our nimble footed Farmer on his morning jaunt across the farmyard and he greets each of his farm animals and beckons them to join his parade. Little ones will delight when the parade culminates in an unexpected e twist ending as Farmer opens the big red barn doors…and GASP…there’s a BEAR hidden inside!

With a moving artists’ note from Gris explaining the history of this song, and his personal connection to it, this delightful retelling has all the makings of a classic.

{My thoughts} – I have always been a fan of Old McDonald stories. This book didn’t disappoint me. It has a wonderful cover that is nicely illustrated.

The story itself follows the basic Old McDonald structure. The illustrations inside the book match the story within its pages.

The story also had a fun little twist at the end that I’m sure readers will enjoy as much as I did when I shared the book with my daughter.

I think that any child that enjoys this kind of story structure will enjoy hearing or reading this book.

Final Conclusion: 5 Star Rating.







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